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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Christmas is for kiddos...and the Albany Optimist Club

pnw optimist clubs
pnw optimist clubsIt's true! Christmas is for kiddos, teens, adults, seniors, and anyone in between; but more than that, I believe that Christmas is for Optimists.

That's Optimist with a big O - the kind of person that brings out the best in youth, community and themselves  - and optimist with the little o - the kind of person that looks for the good in all things.

During the Christmas season, Optimist Club members are especially active in their pursuit to make others happy. They perform more projects, raise more money, and work hands-on with the youth in their communities. That's why I wasn't surprised when the Albany Optimist Club sent in their second activity of the season.

Jack Towns shared the accompanying photos and a few words about their long-time Kid's Shopping Day. 

pnw optimist clubsJack explained the program as follows:
I've been in the club since 1977 and this project was going on at that time. Each Christmas we budget about $1800 and Walmart gives us additional funds, somewhere in the $200-$300 range. 
The Boys & Girls club provides a list of families. We then invite a child in the family to shop with us.   
We buy a gift for that child and he/she in turn finds gifts for his siblings and mom and dad. Last year it included 15 families. 
Following the shopping adventure, we are provided a space to wrap the gifts and soda pop and cookies are provided.
What a wonderful tradition created and performed by the Albany Optimist Club! 

Photos (top to bottom): Lori Stewart and shopping friend; Andrea Hampl and friends wrapping presents; Darlene and Dave Chambers helping their friend with a big decision. 

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Friday, December 15, 2017

Are Optimist Club members enthusiastic?

Nick Prillaman, President, Optimist International has been sharing a video message once per week since October 1, 2017. He calls the series "Notes from Nick."

This week he talks about enthusiasm. "Enthusiasm is contagious," he says. "There is no great predictor of success."

The holiday season is one of the times each year when we see enthusiasm from almost every Optimist Club member. At this time, members live the motto of the Optimist International organization - they are true Friends of Youth. President Nick calls it enthusiasm.

Others might call it passion.

Some might call it caring.

And still some others might call it service: service to youth, community and ourselves. We bring out the best when we give of ourselves in service through an Optimist Club.

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