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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Hope floats at the Optimist International Convention

optimist convention
This week, the Optimist magazine was received by Optimist Club members around the world. On the back cover was this inspirational picture of what many think of when they imagine a trip to Albuqurque: the Balloon Festival.

We may not get to see the Balloon Festival in full force - it takes place in October - but when the Optimist International Convention opens on July 6-8, 2017, there will be enough hope and optimism to float a million balloons.

In addition to carrying out the business of the organization and being informed for our upcoming year, sharing optimism is what the convention is all about. Optimist Clubs come together once a year to share hope and plan for the future.

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Early bird registration ends on May 1. Please register today to save.

Registration will be accepted online until July 5 and onsite registration will be available at that time.

Keep up to date with the 99th Annual International Convention by visiting http://optimist.org/e/member/convention1.cfm.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Tell your Optimist Club story today

pnw optimist club brochure front
Earlier this year, as part of its ongoing membership drive, the Albany Optimist Club updated its brochure. Bulletin editor Jack Towns produced the accompanying brochure to help tell the Albany Optimist Club story; that is, what it does, where it meets, and why it does what it does in the community.

pnw optimist club brochure backIt is a very straightforward format that your Optimist Club can and should follow. A club brochure helps recruit new members and is a great resource when asking businesses and individuals to make a donation to a particular cause.

Moreover, a club brochure also serves as a membership retention tool. When members see the great things they have accomplished, they know that during the year, they have made a difference and they recall the fun they had doing it. They remember why they are Optimist Volunteers.

If your club hasn't updated its brochure in a while, please do so. New pictures of new and traditional programs will energize your members and your community to do more.

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