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Sunday, December 11, 2011

How to Pick up the Pace in your Optimist Club

In addition to the international theme of "100% and then some...," the Optimist International Membership Committee challenges all Optimist Clubs and their members to "Pick up the Pace" with action, enthusiasm, passion and commitment.

They have designed a year's worth of programs, one for every month, to keep your interest for adding new members high.

Please click on the monthly program suggestions to learn more:

October - Halloween Friend Parties 
November - The NOW Challenge 
December - A Gift of Optimism 
Centennial Member Incentive 
January - New Year, New Resolutions 
Friendly February 
March is for Smiles 
April - Volunteer Month 
May - National Hamburger Month 
Flying High in June 
July - Bring a Friend to Convention 
August - Kids Go Back to School 
September Calendar