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Friday, August 31, 2012

Be an Honor Club!

Hello PNW Optimists!
We are coming to end of our year and I know that many clubs have qualified as Honor Clubs and others are very close.
Here are the requirements for Honor Club
Complete 3 or more community service projects
Recognize a club member or community member
Be current in your District and OI dues
Grow membership by net plus one.
A benefit for achieving Honor is that OI will give your club a $100.00 discount on the first quarter dues.

Now here is a good idea... Take that $100.00 discount to a potential new member for his/hers dues OR divide the $100.00 up and assist 2 or 3 potential new members.
"Having brought in new members, you will be able to participate in Membership Chairman Dick Brodie's contest to win a free trip to Disney  Land or $500.00 Cash."
Gov. Bill